Property Staging

Prospective buyers form an opinion on your home within the first 7-10 seconds of stepping through the door, so making a positive first impression is vital. When selling your home, to help it sell and sell quicker, you want it to look the best that it possibly can for potential buyers who view it online or come to view it- this is where property staging comes in.

The objective of this is to prepare your property for sale by making changes to help viewers imagine themselves and their belongings in your home, as well as showing your property in its best possible light, and highlighting your home’s most impressive assets and features.

Property staging advice is something that we offer as part of the upgrade marketing package, with personalised tips and advice on improving your home to make it look fresher, smarter and more universally appealing. 77% of buyers say that it makes it easier to visualise your property as their own, with 39% saying that it greatly decreases time on the market.

Here are some general tips to consider when preparing to sell your home:

  1. Not all rooms need staging- focus on the spaces that have the largest potential influence on potential buyers, such as the living room, master bedroom and kitchen.
  2. De-personalising the space helps prospective buyers visualize your space as their own, this might include removing personal photos, items stuck on the fridge, keeping clothes stored away, clearing the bathroom and anything religious.
  3. De-cluttering makes your home look bigger and more desirable, not permanently removing the items but just packing them up and keeping them out of the house- whether that be in the car or just out of sight.
  4. Clean! Not just a light dusting here and there- a full deep clean to make your home shine. A home that is squeaky clean suggests to buyers that you take good care of the property.
  5. Adding plants to rooms brings freshness and life to the spaces, spacing them out as well as ensuring that they are looking healthy, even include fresh flowers, potted plants or succulents to set the same atmosphere.
  6. Bring as much light into the house as possible! Whether that’s brightening up dark areas with mirrors of directional lights, opening the blinds and windows, and turning on the lights in the house for any viewings, including lamps and internal lights of wardrobes/ kitchen downlighters etc.

Understanding that these are rather generalised tips, if you would like personalised home staging advice, please have a look at our enhanced upgrade package which this is included in.